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/ˈmāvən/ - an expert or connoisseur of torch lighters

Decorative or functional? You decide.

Maven Torch found its roots back in 1989 in Los Angeles, CA.

Traditional lighters deserve a modern refresh with styles that match their versatility and individuality. Maven Torch aims to become a pioneer in this industry.

We’re based in Los Angeles - a city defined by design, detail, and individuality. Aiming to disrupt the monotonous market dominated by generic torch lighter brands, we aim to manufacture and design torch lighters that bring an innovative twist matching the modern day’s market. At every instance of our ever-evolving existence, we promise to remain authentic to our heritage while shaping the future development of torches.


Every Maven torch is protected under a 1 year warranty.

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Every Maven torch is carefully crafted to blur the line of design and utility.