Why is my lighter leaking and not igniting?

Try to release the gas from the torch by using a sharp tool to push the butane valve on the bottom. Once all the gas is released, try refilling it again. Let it rest for 5 minutes before attempting to ignite again.

Why did my torch stop sparking?

Try pulling the small metal piece by the nozzle upwards closer to the nozzle. This piece helps with the ignition spark.

Does my lighter come with butane?

No, all of our products except for Alpha ships without butane to meet shipping regulations.

Which butane should I buy?

Any butane cans meant for torch lighters will work fine. Avoid butane that’s made for disposable lighters.

How do I refill my lighter?

Hold your torch upside down and upright. With the tip attached to the butane can, insert the can into the valve located on the bottom of the torch. Gently press down on the can and you should feel the gas releasing. Refill it for about 8 seconds and let the torch sit for about 5 minutes before using it.

How do I adjust the flame intensity?

Most of our torches have an adjustable flame wheel on the body of the torch. Move the wheel towards the right to increase flame and to the left to decrease it.

How do I hold my flame in place?

When igniting the flame, slide the safety lock button to the right. This will lock the flame in place. When you want to release the flame, slide the lock to the left.

Which torches are good for outdoors?

We recommend the Turbo or the Ultra. Turbo weighs about 8.5 oz and Ultra is about 15 oz. Both torches have a big tank and are very sturdy for outdoor uses.

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