*General Tip: If the lighter is not working right out the box, it may be because the lighter is locked or on the lowest flame setting. This is purposely done during the manufacturing process to avoid any complications during shipment & travel of the product. Be sure to unlock the lighter and increase the flame intensity a bit before use. 

Question 1) My lighter isn't lighting, what do I do?


A: Sometimes, lighters can face difficulty lighting initially due to undergoing too much pressure during shipment. You may try releasing any gas in the lighter through the butane valve at the bottom of the lighter. When finished, try refilling it with butane while slowly increasing the flame intensity until it lights.


Question 2) The lighter seems to be leaking, How do I fix this?


A: Butane tends to expand due to pressure during shipment which can sometimes cause leakage. Don't worry. You can also try releasing the gas and refilling the tank about halfway. Wait about 5 minutes and attempt to light while checking for any further leakage.


Question 3) What butane do I buy?


A: We recommend using City 7x or Neon Butane but other butane brands meant for torch lighters should work fine. Avoid using any generic butane made for refilling oil lighters or disposable electronic lighters as they are not meant for torch lighters.


Question 4) How do I refill my lighter?


A: At the bottom of each of our lighters, there is a butane input valve that is used for refilling butane into the lighter. We recommend using City 7x, Neon Butane or another butane to refill it. The butane bottle should come with cap that has different size applications for different butane valves. Please use the one that fits best.

Insert and hold the butane tip straight into the valve and be sure not to tilt the butane or lighter as this can cause leakage. Lightly press down on the bottle and you should feel the gas releasing. Hold this for about 8-10 seconds to refill the lighter close to halfway. Let the butane sit for a bit and you may try igniting the lighter. If at first it does not ignite, try increasing the flame intensity to jump start the flame.


Question 5) How do I change the flame intensity?


A: Locate the flame adjuster wheel found on the body of the lighter. Move the wheel to the right to increase the flame and to the left to decrease the flame.


Question 6) How do I hold the flame in place?


A: The safety lock button on each lighter is also a ignition hold. After igniting the flame, you may lock the ignition by sliding the button to the right. This will hold the flame in place so you do not have to hold onto the ignition. Stop the hold by sliding the button to the left to unlock it.


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