Maven Alpha


Everything you love about the Maven brand now fits into your pocket.
Designed with the intent of the universal lighter, Maven Alpha is the epitome of both form and function.

Light at 45° or Light at 90°

Pocket Essentials

Introducing your new pocket essential, Maven Alpha. Standing at only 5 inches tall, and featuring a safety lock, you'll want to leave room in your pocket for Alpha.

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4 sets. 20 styles.


With Alpha's sleek design and irresistible range of colors, we're making it easy to pick the right Alpha for you. 

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Light 45°  &  Light 90°


Featuring an 8 point rotatable head, Alpha at its core is 2 lighters in 1. With a refillable valve at its bottom,  Alpha is the last pocket lighter you'll ever need. 

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A Timeless Lighter

The first lighter you'll ever want, and the last lighter you'll ever need. 


With unmatched quality, and an instantly recognizable silhouette, Alpha is on its way to becoming a timeless lighter. 

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